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30 December 2011 @ 11:19 am
Yes, I am rediscovering my Medicine Seller muse. My idea of his origin/backstory. Warning for some gore?

Death creates clichésCollapse )
04 December 2011 @ 12:21 pm
I commissioned cris-art for a lovely lovely Jay/Ginko pic. LOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK

It's so perfect, and sexy and wonderful.

Also the comments that it's gotten are AMAZING.

"Jason Todd/Ginko ASHJFDHJ this is crossover AU in...whole ‘nother league and i’m maybe and i’m maybe not buying it but i am definitely feeling it! so hard"


"suddenly I really like the idea of Jason/Ginko as a crossover pairing help?????"

*mad cackles*
06 November 2011 @ 05:36 pm
Trolololololol. Have more of my RP induced lovely, cross-over ship. With a genderbent flavor. >> Jay/Lady!Ginko. Have all the het smut and ridiculous fluff ever. :D

Clearly not safe for work.

Ginko had undressed for him about a month agoCollapse )
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10 September 2011 @ 02:50 pm
Ginko/Jay because evidently, that's the only think I write these days. Sex. fluff. ALL THE FEELINGS EVER.

he devolves into action again, because he was ever good with words, but that’s okay, because Ginko’s always listening carefully for words and body both.Collapse )
03 September 2011 @ 02:17 pm
Moar Ginko/Jay because I love them to ridiculous, sad pieces. Sex, angst, all those good things. Not worksafe. Though, to be honest, there's more thinking than sex. >>

Your life is like a bolt of lighting seen across the sky so high and clean.Collapse )
29 August 2011 @ 09:19 pm
...I don't even have a name for this. It was just in my head all day, and made me hnnng. So. >>

It's an off shoot from a private RP with Fuyu.

And yes, Damian, is Damian Wayne. >>

For real not worksafe. BDSM. Yeah. :D

I don't need to learn anything, I know it all.Collapse )
04 August 2011 @ 02:51 pm
Yeah, I don't even know. Inspired by another player's Ginko, and fueled by my own Ginko-crush. I just can't help that he'd be so good for Jay. >>

Warnings: meh, nothing big. Just kisses. And an attempt to write the sexiest second hand smoke breathing ever. >>

some how he’s utterly transparent to this manCollapse )
05 July 2011 @ 06:35 pm
Title: Final Test
Summary: There was just one final obstcle he had to pass. Then he could be an Antivan
Warning: Sexual content with someone not of age, violence

A/N: This is what happens to you when you play 40 hours of Dragon Age in two weeks. For me at least >>

After all, he had been training for over seven years for this momentCollapse )
19 March 2011 @ 09:31 pm
Ahahahahaha. Have more batshit!Jason. (ahahah. Batshit. Did you see what I did there? >>)

Title: Do Corpses Dream?
Summary: Sleep is anything but an escape
Warnings: Freaky as shit violent imagery.

The table was cold against his skin, a searing brand against every inch of exposed flesh, which was <i>everything</i>Collapse )
15 March 2011 @ 10:02 pm
Found this after digging through my old writing folder. It's surprisingly good, actually. In my head, I think, it was connected to this (http://frickin-cheng.livejournal.com/31217.html#cutid1) story I wrote, which I think I came up with after watching Mononoke. It's short and worksafe.

He doesn’t know where he is, or who he is, really.Collapse )